About Me

pic ni wilma

Life has always been full of learning experiences and nuggets of wisdom we have gathered over time, I firmly believe that savoring each life lesson unfolds for every individual is life’s greatest gift.

Hi! My name is Wilma.

I love poems. I love beautifully written words. I love to write. I love sharing my vision, rambling thoughts, experiences and learnings about life in general. I believe in the power of prayer and positive friends. I believe in love and its magic.

I love to smile.  I love to curl up with a good book. I am a romantic movie buff. I am always eager to learn new things. I love the wisdom of the old. I love life.

I believe every day is a chance to smile and laugh more, to pursue our passion and chase our biggest dream, to love more deeply, to live simply and happily, to find our purpose in this world, to inspire others through our smile, words and actions, to become a better person and be a blessing magnet to them in our own little way. And with all the ups and downs in life, twists, and turns, triumphs and failures, joy and sadness, good and not-so-good things, I can still say that life is  beautiful.:-)

 Life is such a wonderful journey. Love is always the sweetest thing. Money matters. Health is wealth.  And our strong faith in God is the best at all times.

 My favorite mantra: Be a ray of sunshine to others…

Keep smiling!:-) Thank you for stopping by…




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